The /interests Directory

What is an /interests page?

This page is, in essence, a place for website authors to list out things they’re passionate about and expound on what it is about those things that excites them. This builds on the idea of what makes clubs, groups, collectives, meetups, conferences, etc. so appealing. There is very little so stimulating as listening to someone eagerly talk about the things that they’re enthusiastic and knowledgable about!

The hope is that our /interests pages can act as a clarion call for others to hear, creating the spark for avid and spirited conversation about topics close to our hearts that we might not have otherwise known were shared.

This idea was first proposed as an addition to the and About Ideas Now initiatives with the post What are you interested in? by Chris Burnell on .


Add your /interests page

If you have an account on GitHub, please follow the steps below.

If not, or if you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to me and let me know what name you would like to have appear in the list and the URL of your /interests page.

  1. Create a new file in the _people directory in the GitHub repository by clicking Add fileCreate new file:

  2. GitHub will prompt you to fork the repository under your own user so that a Pull Request can be made.

    Learn more about Pull Requests.

  3. Name the file with some variation of your name/website as a Markdown file with the .md file extension.


  4. Add the following as the contents of the file, replacing the name and page values with your own:

    name: Jane Doe
  5. Commit the file, and if you’d be so kind, set the Commit Message to something that helps me understand what your commit is doing.

    e.g. add: Jane Doe to the directory

  6. GitHub will then prompt you to create a Pull Request against the original repository. Do so, and you’re all set!

  7. Submissions will be reviewed as quickly as possible, and when your Pull Request is merged, your website will appear in the directory above!

If you want an example of how this file looks with real user data, you can look at the source code of any of the files in the _people directory, e.g. in this file.

Remove your /interests page

If, for any reason, you wish to remove your /interests page from the directory, you can follow the above steps, but instead of *Creating* a new file, *Delete* your respective file.

Only Pull Requests made by the same GitHub user that originally *added* the file will be merged, i.e. please do not request deletions on behalf of someone else.

If you want a maintainer to do this for you, please get in touch, and you’ll be asked to provide proof that you are the owner of the page before it’s removed from the directory.